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I've always wanted and needed to design what I consider to be the perfect desk for me. I was never able to find a prefabricated studio desk that was specifically for composers who sit in front of a midi controller. The Keyboard and mouse always have to live somewhere less than idea for me and my shoulders and back suffered constantly. I found Dave Laake online and he took my needs and ideas and made them into a reality. The speed of the build was beyond impressive. His insights and execution was beyond impressive. The quality of the build cannot be matched by any prefabricated desk. This is old world quality with customization. Even the after the fact tweaks were fast and generous. The thing that really knocked me out though was the price. This is old world quality and service. I was even able to disassemble and move the desk without having to remove the rack gear and wiring

Nicholas O'Toole

Los Angeles, CA

Two weeks in and I'm hugely enjoying the smooth ergonomics, fine build and excellent design of the studio desk you built. It's a solid piece of craftsmanship!

Magnus Fiennes

Hollywood, CA

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