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This page is for ready made custom pieces for sale. We will also help you sell your un-needed pieces here. Contact for info.

Custom Walnut Sidecar

This is a Walnut piece, ideal for a very small space, or a 'sidecar' addition to an existing studio.
It has 11-rack spaces on top, and 14-rack spaces below. There are also cubby's for hard drives, CD's, doo-dads, etc. and an area below to hold a full size Mac tower.
This is the end piece of a large "DLAudioworks" desk, used for a VERY short time. 
Part of a much larger desk, it was removed when the owner's needs changed.
This is an essentially new unit, and could be very useful as a side piece for an existing setup, or a large capacity, small scale unit on it's own.



Contact - Dave Laake

(951) 350-5221

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