If you're looking to upgrade, or if you are starting a new studio project, I can help you get the look and functionality you need.

I have the experience and skill to create whatever your project requires.
As a Musician, Composer and Engineer myself, I understand the specific needs (ergonomic, aesthetic, and equipment requirements) to be met to achieve your goals.

I understand what you want is an environment that is professional, yet built to your personal tastes.

Our Services Include

Custom Mixer Desks  // Amp or Outboard Racks  // Speaker Stands // 

Diffusers  // Clouds  // Bass Traps // Room Tuning // And much more

 High Quality Materials 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
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San Bernardino, CA
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     David C. Laake

I serve Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas


Out of state orders are accepted

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